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Customised 360 Degree Feedback

Custom View 360 provides a complete customised approach to meet your exact 360 needs.

Utilising your existing competency and/or values framework, Custom View 360 allows performance measurement to be aligned precisely with your corporate goals and strategy.

  • Utilises your organisation's competencies, behaviours, language and culture
  • Results in a tailored, aspirational development plan.
  • The system is highly flexible and questionnaires, reports and branding are customised in every detail to your organisations requirements
  • Composite reports highlight the performance of particular groups or departments

Working with the specific competencies and values of an organisation magnifies the generic benefits of a 360 programme, as seen below:

  • increases awareness of fit within the organisational culture
  • highlights the behaviours which will drive success in the corporate strategy
  • acts to drive the organisation towards it's specific goals
  • personal development planning to secure future success of the company

Our occupational psychologists and consultants can provide you with advice on questionnaire design, administrative procedure and potential pitfalls for all stages of your project. All our services are carried out with strict security, and participation is completely private and confidential. t-three operates to ISO27001 standards.

Custom View 360 is strongly recommended as the best way to get value from the 360 process.

Need a 360 degree feedback coach?
If required our coaches can be made available to feedback 360 degree feedback reports in a one to one development planning and coaching session. To find out more please click here.


Turn the awareness gained from 360 degree feedback into meaningful and lasting behaviour change with professional development planning tool, Momentor.

At a glance

  • Designed for your exact needs
  • Measuring your competencies
  • Online questionnaire
  • Customised, visual reporting
  • Branded to your organisation
  • Flexible and easy to use
  • Available as 180 degree feedback

Case Study

The BBC were looking to create a customised 360 Degree Feedback Assessment which would give Senior Leaders at the BBC a clear understanding of their strengths and development needs against the BBC Leadership Imperatives, and a greater understanding of the behaviours required to increase their effectiveness into the future. More