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Off the Shelf 360 Degree Feedback

Leader View 360 is aimed at senior managers and directors and will help your organisation to focus on enhancing overall leadership effectiveness. Leader View 360 is less comprehensive than Manager View 360 but provides a concise and brief 360 degree feedback assessment, focusing exclusively on critical leadership behaviours required for competitive performance in today's organisations.

What does it measure?
Leader View 360 assesses 35 critical leadership behaviours in 7 core competencies required for effective leadership in today's organisations:

  • Planning
  • Problem solving
  • Controlling
  • Self management
  • Managing relationships
  • Leading
  • Communicating

Executive View 360 provides a comprehensive summary 360 degree feedback report, comparing leader self-perceptions to those of rater categories chosen by your organisation and including a practical individual effectiveness plan to facilitate professional development.

Leader View 360 is an ideal 360 degree feedback tool for executive coaching; leadership development training programmes and to support appraisals and professional development planning for senior managers.

Need a 360 degree feedback coach?
If required our coaches can be made available to feedback 360 degree feedback reports in a one to one development planning and coaching session. To find out more please click here.

At a glance

  • 35 questions
  • 7 competencies
  • Aimed at senior management
  • Available as self-assessment
  • Online questionnaire
  • Flexible, comprehensive reporting
  • Branded to your company

360 Case Study

In its relatively short history, eBay has built a very profitable global brand. Its business model embodies the fast paced Internet economy, and its long-term stock performance has been ever pointing north. More