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The Brief

In its relatively short history, eBay has built a very profitable global brand. Its business model embodies the fast paced Internet economy, and its long-term stock performance has been ever pointing north.

Yet to keep investors and customers happy in the future, eBay employees had to keep-up this outrageous momentum, facing work-life balance issues, and as a result having to make strategic decisions under emotional pressure.

The European management teams had excelled in growing markets, through sharp thinking and fast execution. Detrimental to this success however, was the fact that eBay's relentless drive for achievement coupled with low levels of personal awareness was creating a dysfunctionally competitive environment within teams. With these findings in mind, the European HR director asked t-three to deliver a number of global two day intervention, focusing on individual and team emotional intelligence (EQ).

What we did

Following a very successful pilot with a number of UK teams, the scope was widened to the European population. Using t-three's suite of off the shelf 360 degree feedback tools for varying employee levels, each team member had a one-to-one feedback and coaching session. Each individual came away with a development plan which was reinforced and further supported by their Line Manager.

The follow-up team days utilised each team's composite 360 degree feedback data and additionally incorporated a team psychometric profiling tool to help individual team members recognise:

  • The team's strengths and potential risks / derailers
  • Issues the team faced as a result of its joint 360 degree profile
  • Collective preferences and patterns in the team
  • How members can work together even more effectively in future
  • How they can personally add more value and are recognised for it
  • A deeper understanding of each others strengths e.g. generating ideas & innovations, analysing the ideas, making decisions and implementing the decisions