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Professional Support and Consultancy

t-three provide the full spectrum of professional and consultancy services to support our development tools and ensure our clients draw maximum value from them. To find out more visit


Click here Competency Development & 360 Degree Questionnaire Development

A good 360 degree feedback questionnaire relies on a solid, aspirational competency framework underlying it, one that shines the light and focuses on the specific competencies required for organisational success.

t-three specialises in the development and design of 360 degree questionnaires and can easily convert an existing competency or values model into an online questionnaire or design one from scratch for you.

Our team of occupational psychologists have evolved a fast and inclusive process to both test the relevance of existing competency frameworks and questionnaires and design as appropriate.

Click here Briefing and project implementation

An effective launch event and/or communication strategy is critical to the success of a 360 degree feedback project, having a dramatic effect on the buy-in of users. Great resistance can result if participants feel that they have not been adequately informed of the process, and the purpose behind it, which can lead to substandard results. We are very used to generating enthusiasm and buy in through:

  • Large briefing sessions
  • A bank of communication materials, made freely available to our clients
  • An online resource library

Click here Report Feedback and Coaching

t-three are able to provide experienced coaches to conduct some or all of the 360 degree / self-assessment feedback sessions. Some clients find this service useful with particular individuals, for example the management team or to support internal resource where capacity is in short supply.

Our full time employed coaches bring energy and passion, plus resource to well tested coaching techniques. Working with chief executives through to first line managers, our coaches assist individuals in focusing on strengths and areas of development and converting these into a workable way forward.

t-three is a member of EMCC and subscribe to the EMCC Code of Ethics (see

Click here Accreditation and Skills Transfer

360 Degree Feedback

We are able to transfer the skills and expertise around 360 degree feedback to your in-house HR team, pool of coaches or managers, equipping them to competently and confidently feedback 360 degree reports and create developmental plans. This can be achieved in a one to two day programme (depending on level of experience) and would be designed around your 360 degree feedback requirements.

Facet5 Accreditation

The two day Facet5 accreditation programme is available on an in-house basis or through our open programmes which are held at regular intervals. These will equip you to apply Facet5 competently and confidently to your organisation's benefit across a wide range of scenarios.

For details on upcoming courses click here.

Click here Project Management

t-three has an in-house project management team who support clients with the delivery of their 360 degree feedback projects. This team are trained in providing high quality support for all functions that underpin our 360 degree feedback projects.