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360 Degree Feedback


Custom 360 logo Utilises your organisational competencies and provides a customised approach to meet your unique 360 needs.

Off the shelf

Emotional Intelligence 360 logo Designed for employees at all levels. Provides the insight required to enhance self-awareness and relationship management skills.

Team 360 logo Designed for teams. Provides insight into both individual contribution and team strengths/development areas.

Executive 360 logo Designed for the most senior level executives. Sharpens an executive's focus on success and pinpoints blind spots to prevent failure.

Leader 360 logo Designed for senior management. Provides a powerful measure of critical leadership competencies required for success in leadership.

Manager 360 logo Designed for supervisors to senior managers. Provides an in depth measure of critical managerial competencies for effective leadership and managerial effectiveness.

Performance 360 logo Designed for non-supervisory or non-management personnel. Provides a powerful measure of critical competencies required for competitive performance.

Development View 360 logo Designed for supervisors and managers. Allows for really focused professional development planning, specifying exactly what changes to make in which areas.

Sales View 360 logo Designed for sales and account representatives. Provides an in-depth assessment of critical interpersonal, intrapersonal and sales skills for each member of your sales team.

Sales Manager View 360 logo Designed for sales supervisors and managers. Provides a comprehensive feedback report specifically looking at individual sales management performance.

Transformational Leadership View 360 logo Designed for executives and senior leaders. Ideal for developing leaders who truly want to make a difference.

Talent Accelerator logo A leading edge online professional development planning system. Turns awareness from 360 degree feedback into lasting behaviour change.